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How would you define Success ?
We can help you “find direction ” in the answers to these and other questions.
Whether you are starting a business, seeking to improve your business, or contemplating “life after business”,
our services are custom tailored to help you chart your course to succeed.

Thank you for your interest in my firm, Mohammad Yaish, CPA, PC, a Texas professional corporation. I am certain that our site will assist you in your decision process.

I truly believe that my experience is unparalleled among CPA’s providing financial services to small and medium sized businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. You can use my knowledge and experience to help your company achieve financial success.

I possess a highly versatile skills in financial accounting, tax accounting, tax planning, and accounting system installations. Many accounting firms are good at preparing a financial statement or tax return. My firm is good at both. My technical expertise in taxation will provide your business a significant advantage with respect to the IRS; and at the same time, my vast business experience will give you an entrepreneurial edge that neither your competition nor many other small businesses possess.

Our fees are surprisingly low. In addition, you will be fully aware of the total fee for our monthly services in advance. No matter how old or small your company may be, we have a plan that fits your budget and your needs.

I look forward to helping you achieve financial success.

Mohammad Yaish, CPA

What We Do

  - Accounting Services
- Book Keeping
- Financial Statements
- Partnership / S. Corporation
- Small Business Consulting
- Tax Preparation
- Tax Planning
- IRS and sales tax audit representation 

Our Services

Bookkeeping Services

I can write the checks to pay your bills, reconcile your bank statements, prepare summaries and controls of transactions and provide you with concise management reports on weekly, monthly, quarterly basis. I also organize and file your documents to provide a complete audit trail in the event that you are ever audited. These services are ideal for small businesses that do not wish to employ a full time bookkeeper. I completely handle these very time consuming administrative chores, freeing you to spend your time more effectively generating revenue and profit. You can utilize some or all of these services depending upon your particular needs.


Payroll Processing Services

I can prepare your payroll checks and payroll tax returns. Information can be transmitted to my office by telephone, fax or E-Mail. Your payroll checks are delivered by courier or available for pick up.


Write-Up Services

I can use your accounting records such as check registers, cash receipts and sales journals, bank statements and other items, from which we reconcile your bank accounts, create a general ledger and financial statements. Whether your system is manual or computerized, I can accommodate your needs. I provide timely financial statements with comparatives to budget and to prior years.


General Ledger Services

The General Ledger is perhaps the most important component of any business set of books. It contains a summary of every transaction and adjustment needed to prepare financial statements and tax returns. It is the key map to your audit trail, whereby any item in your tax return can be traced to the original supporting documentation. Many small businesses are moving towards greater in-house accounting responsibility with off the shelf or customized user-friendly comprehensive accounting software. With proper training and adequate software you can prepare your in house accounting reports and bank accounts reconciliation. I can step in and provide services starting at whatever point in accounting process you wish. You can provide me with journals or unadjusted trial balance and have me make all the necessary adjustments to prepare accurate general ledger, financial statements and tax returns. If you wish, I can help you develop your own system further by training or assisting you or your staff in making the monthly adjustments necessary to prepare your own in-house general ledger and financial statements.


Financial Statement Preparation

I can prepare financial statements for any type of business. These statements may include Balance Sheets, Statements of Cash Flow and Profit & Loss Statements. I can prepare Financial Statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.  I can also prepare statements on a cash basis, which is another form of financial presentation.


Tax Preparation Services

I can prepare virtually any tax return required by your business or personal situations. All of returns are prepared with professional computer tax preparation software and printed on laser forms. Some of more common returns I prepare include:

Personal Income Tax Returns-Federal Form 1040
Corporate Income Tax Return-Form 1120 or 1120S
Partnership Tax Return-Federal Form 1065
Limited Liability Company Tax Return-Federal Form 1065
Corporate Income Tax Return-Non-Profit-Federal Form 990
Payroll Tax return of any nature
Forms W-2 and 1099 along with transmittals

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100 N. Central Expwy, Ste. 915,
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Tel: 469.330.2472 | Fax: 469.330.2473
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100 N. Central Expwy, Ste. 915, Richardson, TX 75080
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